AWA Cosplay Cutie Contest!
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The Sake Ninja award for the sexiest cosplay girls!

Ladies, you picture not here? Maybe you didn't get in a picture with us, but if you didn't get voted in you're all still winners with us. Remember, we are easily bribed by drinks, money, and panties! Good luck to all of you at Animazement '04. Click on the thumbnail for the larger image (800-600).

Winner: Rikku!!!

Here she is posing with some of the SN clan wearing her prize, a SN ladies shirt!

Another pic with Rikku!

She likes muffins. SO do we.

Second Place, Cammy!

OK, so she isn't cosplaying as Cammy here, but that's what we best remember her as. And as DOA Beach Volleyball girl, of course.

Cammy girl, again!

We're big fans of whatever it is she's cosplay as this con.

Third Place, Budweiser Girl!

Dressing up as an alcoholic beverage is a major bonus for us.

Honorable Mention


Honorable Mention

She need a costume, though. Maybe a school girl outfit or bunny girl or cat girl.