More Animazement '03 Pictures
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Picture others have taken of the Sake Ninja clan at Animazement!
These pictures are thanks to and Little Washu and all credit is given to them. Please visit their sites too! Click on a thumbnail to see the larger picture.

SakeNinja2 showing off the Momokawa!
These pictures are from and we're thankful for the use of them! Check out their site more more pics from Animazement and other cons and cosplay!
Showing off the famous Sake Ninja T-shirt
You can still get this t-shirt design at our online store!
Master Roshi was non other than... our very own Mexican Ninja!
He was a big hit with the ladies.
Caught taking a picture of you taking a picture!
Ninjas part hard.
Our now-famous Mexican Ninja!
These two pictures are thanks to the Little Washu website. Be sure to visit his site for lots more cosplay pics and more.
Master Roshi again!
Out hunting for the hotties!
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