AWA 2003 Pictures Page 1
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The crazy party that was AWA:

When we got the pics developed, there was a lot of "What where we doing then?" And "I don't remember those people!". We sure hung out with a lof of people, and did some fun(ny) stuff! Be sure to check out the other pic page and the Cosplay Cutie contest also! Click on the thumbnail to see the larger pic (800x600).

The Sake Ninja Crew

Left to right, Sake Ninja "Two Fingers", Sake Ninja 1 "Momokawa",
Sake Ninja 2 "Sho Chiku Bai", Sake Ninja
"El Ninja" (Mexican Ninja as many call him).
Not pictured, Sake Ninja "Fuzzy" (our resident camera guy).

The Sake Ninja's giant stash!

We didn't have much chance to get Sake before the con, so we only had 2 bottles. But we sure raided an ABC store on the way down! This is an insane amount of liquor!

Group pic with a lot of crazy con goers.

Shout out to the girl in the pink, thanks for the flowers. And no, somebody didn't hide their bedsheets, because SN1 is wearing them as his ninja costume!

Busted by the 5-0!

In a momentary alcoholic lapse of common sense, "El Ninja" thinks dancing on a table is a good idea. The nice office on the left of the pic told him otherwise!

Sake Ninjas pose with a cosplay group

Hey, we worked hard to make our costumes ourselves too!

Megaman getting humped by Fuzzy

He didn't know what was so funny! If only we had a video of it!!!

We took a lot of pics with girls.

Just something we noticed.

Pimp No Face getting humped by "Two Fingers"

As in "Two Finger Tequila" you know?

Sake Ninja 1 "Momokawa" attacks the Giant Sake!

Sporting the Captain Ginyu horns.

Another Cosplay Cutie contest honorable mention


Hangin with No Face

He was cool and a good sport about all the Sake Ninja's harrasment!

Fuzzy cosplaying as the "beer box ninja"

What, you can't do that in the cosplay contest?

"Quick guys, pose for a picture!"

What? Why? Ohhhhhh.

We're big fanboys
No costume? No problem.