Animazement 2003, Durham NC
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Sake Ninjas Strike Back!
After the formation of the Sake Ninja clan during Animazement '02, we were all looking foward to AZ '03. Unfortunately, SakeNinja1 fell ill after Thurs. night and missed most of the con, so you won't see him in any of the pics. In true Sake Ninja form he said "Drink one for me!" And drink and drink we did! The Mexican Ninja in our clan was the funniest thing I saw at the con, and I'm sure many remember him. Also, he also drew out great t-shirt designs! Click on a thumbnail to see the larger picture.

The Famous Mexican Sake Ninja!

Sake Ninjas hitting "Get Laid"

Our Stash Thursday Night

Hanging out

"The Big O" is a big hit

Fuzzy with some new friends (enjoying sake)

Sake Ninjas are tru playa's

Taiko drums are cool

At the dance

Drawing workshop

Pajama girl OWNS the Sake Ninjas

Cecil; the man behind the Sake Ninja t-shirt design

The famous Hentai Pope

A fan of the Sake Ninjas from last year



At the dance

Picture taken for

Jamie and friend. Big fans of the Sake Ninjas, of course!

Another girl.

And another girl.

Sake Ninja2 and the Mexican Ninja on the prowl.

"Mas tequila!"

Caught checking out the BOOBIES!

Chugging The Big O.

Mexican Ninja and Sake Ninja "Two Fingers"


Passing out in the elevator with some Big O

"I swear, I thought it was just an ugly girl you were taking my picture with" Beware the Sake Goggles.

Mexican Ninja raid the elevator.