Sake Ninjas - True Druken Masters!
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Sake Ninjas - We have the Real Ultimate Drinking Power!
Take a bunch of guys in their 20's, introduce them to anime, send them to a con that has hot cosplay chicks, give them large amounts of sake to drink, and what happens? "Dude, we need costumes like all these other people. I know, lets make ninja outfits out of bedsheets and t-shirt masks, and run around parting and drinking and chasing girlies!" Some people are too uptight at anime cons, we say lets go all out and have fun like it's spring break or Mardi Gras! Sake Ninjas will drink you under the table! Buy the infamous Sake Ninja Shirts, Stickers, and more in our store!
Druken Updates

The AWA and Animazement pictures will be up within a week! You are going to have to see these!!! Plus, we hope to have Sake Ninja videos available within a month!!!


The Ninja Clan survived Animazement 2k4, and managed to throw the First Annual Con Keg Party (or 2 or 3). This was one of the best cons so far, and we had fun with a lot of cool people. Expect pics of this wild, crazy, drunken debauchery to be up in about a week!


We don't flip out and kill people, we flip out and drink you under the table!

The sake ninja clan was first formed at Animazement 2002. After an entire day of drinking sake, SakeNinja1 and SakeNinja2 made ninja outfits out of hotel bedsheets and masks out of t-shirts. The ninjas then went about the con spreading the joy of sake!

Animazement 2003 saw the return of SN1 and SN2, along with several other members of the Sake Ninja clan including Sake Ninja "Two Fingers", Sake Ninja "Cougar Hunter", Sake Ninja "Fuzzy", and the now-famous "mexican ninja"; El Ninja. Unfortunately, SN1 fell ill and had to leave the con, but in true Sake Ninja form gave the order "Drink one for me!"

After AWA 9 and Animazement '04, the Sake Ninjas are looking foward to AWA 10 in Sept!

Sake Ninja store is shut down.

The Sake Ninjas have been BANNED by Cafe Press! Apparently, their terms of service says no to products that "promote alcohol, tobacco, or drugs." Looks like we won't have any at this Animazement, but hopefully for AWA.

Sake Ninja Store

Remember, you must be 21 to drink, don't drink and drive, don't flirt with guys who crossplay and say "I just thought it was an ugly girl."

We flip out and kill bottles of SAKE!
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