AWA 9 Con Report
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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

A very up and down weekend. Will we be back for AWA 10? Quite possible. It wasn't exactly what we expected, for better and worse, but being the party-hard Sake Ninjas we made it fun. I thought about half the people there would hate us, and half love us, but there were some great people there and a lot of people loved us (security not included). It ended up being wilder than Animazement in some ways. Since Animazement is our home con, I think we like it better. If you are in the southeast or mid-atlantic, you should go to Animazement.

We realized some things about us that you really need to know; 1. Talk to us when we're sober and we might not be quite as fun loving. Especially say, Saturday morning after a hard night of drinking/dancing/mischief. Buy us breakfast and we will be super nice to you. 2. Sake Ninjas only come out at night. After plenty of drinking. So don't exepect to see crazy ninjas running around until, oh 7pm at least. 3. No, we don't remember who you are.

  What we liked about AWA
  • The hotel is the coolest one I've ever stayed at. It MAKES the con great.
  • Plenty of hot chicks.
  • The places to eat in walking distance (in the mall). Animazement doesn't have any (other than cafe and hotel restaurant).
  • Saturday morning, we broke down and payed 12 bucks for a breakfast buffet in the hotel. It was the best breakfast EVER.
  • The dances were cool.

Getting there friday...

  What we didn't like about AWA
  • Many of the AWA staff. Some liked to abuse their power. Nobody had the same weapons policy. They made El Ninja put away his pistols, so Saturday night he made cutouts from beer boxes and wrote "effin' prop" on them.
  • The cops. They busted a room party were were at. One drunk ninja said "I'm tired of getting f***ed in the a** by security!" A cop replied "Wait until you get out here and I'll show you how we're going to f*** you!" I WISH WE HAD THE VIDEO CAMERA FOR THAT ONE! Hilarious! Of course the Sake Ninjas were of  legal drinking age (and everybody else at the party) so they couldn't do anything but shut it down. More on this later.
  • The Beast (our van) broke down. Stranded all day Sunday at the hotel, it was hard finding a rental place on Sunday that would do one-way rental to NC. Finally made it home 2am Sunday night. Turns out it was a broken water pump in the Beast, which had to be fetched the next weekend. That hurt the overall fun factor of the weekend

Saturday evening, our stash that's been killed so far. Still a lot of work to do. Saturday would be a looooong night...

  Our shoutouts
  • The people who threw the room party on the 8th floor, room 810, 811 something like that. They had the true Sake Ninja spirit. THE MOST AWESOME PEOPLE AT THE CON! They had moved the beds sideways against the wall, had lights and music and a bar going with a guy mixing drinks. He liked the Big-O we gave him (see drinks page). Too bad the cops shut it down. They were only allowing people of age to drink and all, and I don't think they were being too loud, but cops will be cops.
  • All the people that we never emailed back, we're lazy drunkards OK!?!
  • Pope Hentai, Muffin, and his crew,  frequent partners in crime with the Sake Ninja Clan. Pope.
  • The guy who gave me some Big-O at the Friday dance.
  • The girl who gave us flowers.
  • Vivaspunk
  • Everybody who took pictures with us.
  • The Anime Sushi people with the HUGE Sho Chiku Bai
  • Mr Ed, the COOL con staff member.


The Beast, which drank coolant like we drank alcohol; and then our savior the RENTAL!