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Here you'll find our favorite online comics, flash animations and games, video clips, and more!
Sorry, but I can't link to any sites that have nudie pics or anything like that. I sure will if I ever get a paysite, but I'm too cheap to do that now. Beware if you have dial-up internet and try to watch the animations. Better go make a sandwich or 2 or 3. Or get cable or dsl broadband.

Check out all the hotties at Tokyo Cosplay Zone!
Cute Japanese ladies prance around in skimpy cosplay costumes? Sounds like a winner to me! Fap fap fap.
  Web Comics
Little Gamers
Penny Arcade
Dub This!
Writer's Block
Mac Hall
Angst Technology

Flash Animation and Games
Kikkoman - Kikkoman? More like Kinky-man. Our superhero, Kikkoman, lays smack down to other sauces and hits the sack with a hottie! Kikkoman soy sauce, the new pimp juice?
Home English Home - A crazy Japanese site about learning english. You'll be saying these phrases all day.
Tokyo Breakfast - Here's a list of mirrors for downloading this crazy video. (It's about 10 megs).
Xiao Xiao 3 - Matrix-style stick figure fights, very well done!
Chinko - A Japanese animation about, well, you know... having a tug of war with cyclops?
Shinbashi - This is even funnier if you can understand Japanese. Still, it's pretty funny.
All Your Base - Are Belong to Us! Here you can see the video based on the greatest work on "engrish" ever!
TV Shopping - Animation about a Japanese TV shopping show.
Uwan - Put to a song by the Offspring.
Mazda Zoom Zoom - Another "text" animation.

More flash, video, and game sites.

Albino Black Sheep - Ton of stuff here, lots of Japanese stuff too! A must-see site!
New Grounds - This site is a haven for flash animators to show their work. I could easily waste a whole day here.
Homestar Runner - Home of Strongbad's email. Strongbad could have very well fit right in on Space Ghost's show.
Stick Death - A classic; stick figures killing each other every way you can think.
Happy Tree Friends - See cute, cudly cartoon critters get fragged into a million pieces. Gallons of gore!
College Humor - Just a really funny site, we love it!

Real Life comics
Real life comics was part inspiration for the Sake Ninjas. They pretty much started the "T-shirt ninja" revolution!

Another great comic, MegaTokyo
We've been reading MT for a while now, go there and get hooked too.