AWA Pictures Page 2
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More pictures from our drunken adventures at AWA

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El Ninja with his gun up a girl's nose.

Con staff made him put away his fake pistols Friday night. What's a sake ninja to do? Make guns cut out of beer boxes and write "fukin prop" on them!

Battle Royale Chick

The Sake Ninjas had a Battle Royale with Jose and Two Fingers Tequila, Momokawa, Jim Beam, Jack, Bacardi, Smirnoff, Skyy, the Tyler bowl, and others.

Sake Ninja Rampage

Those bottles of Momokawa were just "props" ok? Well, after we chugged them that's what we called them.

Who here remembers Saturday night?

We really don't remember much, but it sure looks like we were having fun!

Another Cosplay Cutie Award honorable mention


Nobody parties like the Sake Ninja!

More girls, cool!


Sunday morning, our room...

Enough said!