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Drinks of the Sake Ninjas

The Big O - This is an easy drink to make (even if you're drunk). It requires a large (The largest they sell) jug of Orange Gatoraid, and bottle of Bicardi Orange (has the "big O" on the label). Pour some of the Gatoraid into cups (and save it to refill the jug). Now pour the entire bottle of Bicardi Orange into the Gatoraid jug. Refill to the top with the cups of Gatoraid. There you go! The Gatoraid helps rehydrate you as you drink, and those giant jugs even have a handle on top for easy carry.

Get Laid - Very similar to The Big O, except you use Absolute Citron and Citris Gatoraid.

Sakes - I decided to update this section to talk about Sake more. What kind of Sake do we reccomend? MOMOKAWA! Hands down it's the best choice for the taste, quality, price, and freshness. It's in the BLUE bottles, and it has a cork and not a twist off cap. These sakes are made in the US, and actually have a freshness date on them. Our favorite Momokawa sake is Silver, but their Moonstone Raspberry is truely unique; infused with Raspberry! Momokawa is best served slightly chilled, because it's a ginjo or premium sake.

So why do we sometimes drink Sho Chiku Bai sake? Because it's the only sake sold at our local ABC store. We have to go to Charlotte to get Momokawa. And it's real cheap, but I'd rather pay a few dollars more for Momokawa. Sho Chiku Bai is also made in the US, but it's real hit or miss on it's quality. Since it doesn't have a date on it like Momokawa, it may have been sitting around for a while. We have had a few real good bottles of Sho Chiku Bai almost as good as Momokawa, but we have had some real skanky "foot sake" from Sho Chiku Bai too. Sho Chiku Bai is best served hot.

Sake One - Home of Sake One sakes, including our beloved Momokawa.
Takara Sake - Makers of Shu Chiku Bai.
eSake - Ton of information on sake.
Sakebar - Another all-in-one site about sake.
Japan-Guide - Their page on drinks in Japan.
Sake Kingdom

Drinking Games
Cowboy Bebop - Every time a character either smokes or drinks, take a shot.
Najica Dengeki Sakusen - Every time you see a panty shot take a sip. Notice I didn't say shot, because in the first episode alone there are 118 panty shots.
Tombstone Challenge - This is a classic drinking game to an awesome move. Every time Doc Holiday take a shot, you take a shot. Of Wiskey if you're brave. There are I believe about 13 or 14 shots in the movie.

There are plenty of site out there that feature instructions for drinking games such as the card games "Asshole" and "Drunk driver" and also movie/TV games and others like quarters and beer pong. Some of the sites below have info on drinking games.

Mixing Drinks
Sake Ninjas enjoy mixed drinks, too, of course. Some of our favorites include Blue Motorcycles, Long Island Ice Tea, Margarita, Alabama Slammer, Kamikaze, and others. Here are a few useful sites with drink recipies and info on mixing drinks.
Webtender - One of the best drink mixing sites.
Barmeister - Has drink recipies, drinking games, and more.
Drinksmixer - How to mix drinks, glasses to use, bar info.
iDrink - More about mixing drinks.
Party School - Drinking, party, hotties.
Keg Party - All about the infamous keg party.
The Anime Driking Game
Samurai X Drinking Game

Got another good link? Email me. webmaster@sakeninjas.4t.com